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In December 2009, the Austrian ambassador Dr. Heidemaria Gürer had the idea of bringing a Viennese Opera Ball to Antalya and asked Ms Barbara Reinprecht‐Schellenberg whether she would be interested and also willing to organize this special first‐time event. As the Austrian Ambassador had ample proof of Barbara Reinprecht‐Schellenberg‘s great ability in organizing various events and concerts, so she decided to put this task to her.

Closest attention was paid to the event´s authenticity regarding the world-famous example in Vienna. The Vienna Opera Ball, established about one hundred years ago, is deeply rooted in the Austrian tradition offering the best in Austrian music, artists and ball culture, thus building a bridge between the many different attending nations. Up till now there have not been any typical Austrian events in spite of the great number of foreigners in the region. Therefore it is understandable that the Austrian atmosphere and character are hardly known in the area.

Therefore we think it is high time to show our presence and demonstrate Austrian culture by this Opera Ball. Since the last months have shown increased interest in establishing close ties with the Turkish market, such an event will offer the opportunity of building bridges between the different cultures.

And thus the First Wienball in Antalya was arranged on February 26th 2011 by Barbara Reinprecht-Schellenberg and Helena Schönbaum and took place with outstanding, enormous success. It was this positive echo that came from guests and sponsors alike which demanded and called for a repeat of the unique event: therefore the Second Wienball will be arranged for March 16th, 2012. It will be even bigger, greater, more enchanting and colourful, studded with world famous artists, with its aim to take its guests from home and abroad on a magical tour from Antalya to Vienna to sample the magic of a real authentic Viennese Ball.

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